2018-19 Schedule set with New League Games!

Now that the school year has ended and we are heading to summer football training, we thought it might be nice if everyone were aware of the major change coming in league play for 2018-2019 seasons.
As many of you may know, the OSAA evaluates their classifications every 4 years.  When this is done, leagues often must change and adjust to the movement of schools within a league due to enrollment changes.  While Medford schools have been secure in their league for the past 10 years, Ashland has bounced around several times with hybrid leagues, playing Eugene schools but not in their league and most recent participating in the MidWestern League where we have done well.  That is changing moving forward.  While we will still be in a new Midwestern League, for Football ONLY, we will be going to a 12 team league.  For those of you who follow Pac 12 football, you will be familiar with this type arrangement.  The league breaks down as follows:

North Division                                                   South Division

Ridgeview                                                           Ashland
Redmond                                                            Crater
Thurston                                                              Eagle Point
Springfield                                                          Churchill
North Bend                                                        N Eugene
Willamette                                                          S Eugene

With the breakdown, each school will play 7 league games each year, 5 within their own division and 2 cross over teams from the other division.  These cross over teams are set for 2 consecutive years to offer a home/away series but will change for 2020-21.  This will also offer each school 1 non-league game if you will at the start of the season.  The 5 division games will count towards the league championship while the 2 cross over games will only count towards overall record which will impact power rankings.  At the end of the season, there will be 5 teams from the Midwestern League advance to the state playoffs.  The top 3 teams from each Division will square off in week 9 of the regular season.  The 1st place teams will play each other, 2nd place teams will play each other and the 3rd place teams will also play.  The first place teams will play for the league championship.  The other teams will play solely to determine the seeding for state playoffs.  However, the loser of the 3rd place game will not advance as we can only send 5 teams.  Home teams to be determined based on power rankings.  The only negative of this set up is that potentially you could play a team 3 times in a season (once in regular season, once in seeding playoffs and once in the 16 team state playoffs).  The hopes are that some travel can be eliminated by teams playing a closer schedule and also help the Central Oregon Schools join a league without having to travel to Ashland!
Our schedule for 2018 is now final and has been posted on the website.  It goes as follows:
Fri 8/24                 TBA        S. Oregon Jamboree       TBA                        TBA  
Fri 08/31              HOME   Willamette                        Walter A              7:00PM  
Fri 09/07               AWAY   Springfield S                      Springfield          7:00PM  
Fri 09/14              HOME  Ridgeview                         Walter A              7:00PM  
Fri 09/21               Away     Churchill*                            Eugene                 7:00PM  
Fri 09/28               Away     Eagle Point*                      Eagle Point          7:00PM  
Fri 10/05              HOME   Crater*                                 Walter A              7:00PM  
Fri 10/12              HOME   N Eugene*                          Walter A              7:00PM  
Fri 10/19               Away     South Eugene*                   Eugene                7:00PM  
Fri 10/26               League Playoff games TBA 7:00PM  
* Denotes S. League Division Game
Hopefully this helps explain how the 2018-2019 seasons will playout.  We will be the only league in the state to test this model.  We believe it will be a very competitive league and allow Ashland to achieve a high power ranking should they win the league. 
If you have questions or wish further clarification regarding this system, please feel free to email us at AFCGrizz@gmail.com

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