2018-2022 New Football Schedule

Every 4 years, the OSAA takes a look at enrollments and works their magic to try and align schools of similar sizes to create a competitive environment.  Over the years, we have seen various attempts of that including hybrid leagues where we played Medford schools but those games did not count towards league play to playing Eugene schools, but were not in their league but gave us better matched competition than playing 6A schools.  The past 4 years, we have played in the league with the Eugene 5A schools and that has worked fairly well for us.  Although the travel can be tough, especially when students must travel on school nights.

In an effort to try and come up with something totally different, the OSAA is considering creating 3 super leagues for 5A.  These super leagues will consist of 12 or more schools which will be divided into 2 divisions.  This will be much similar to what the Pac 12 does in college football.  In a league of 12, each team would play the 5 teams in their regular division each season but would also cross over on an alternating basis and play 2 schools from the other division as well giving you 7 league games (cross Division Games will be played at start of season).  The proposed line up for Ashland might look something like this:

South Division:                                                  North Division:
Ashland                                                                Redmond
Eagle Point                                                          Ridgeview
Crater                                                                   N Bend
N Eugene                                                            Willamette
S Eugene                                                             Springfield
Churchill                                                               Thurston

Each school would be left with only 1 non-league game to start the season.  Under this proposal, each division would qualify the top 2 teams to the state championship bracket (total 4 teams).  In week 9, the #1 teams will play each other for league champion and the #2 teams will also play for state champ bracket seeding.  The 5th teams representing the league will be determined on power rating as the next best team from the league.  It is an intriguing option and could make for a pretty different approach.  The other two leagues would be a Willamette Valley league to include Corvallis, Albany, Lebanon, etc.  and a Portland Metro league.  While this is not final yet, it is looking very likely this is how things will shake out at least for football.  If it does, our schedule for next fall would be as follows:
  1. Non-league game (possibly Phoenix)
  2. @ Springfield (cross Division Game)
  3. Ridgeview (cross Division Game)
  4. @ Churchill
  5. @ Eagle Point
  6. Crater
  7. N. Eugene
  8. @ S. Eugene
  9. Seeding Games
  10. State Playoffs
None of this is final, once/if OSAA approves of it, we will make an announcement here.

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