Top Lifters after Max Week
Monday, February 26, 2018

February 12th through the 16th, several of the football players completed max lifts in the Squat, Power Clean and Bench Press.  There were many personal records and improvements.  Not all players were able to complete their lifts as they were in a winter sport.  Other players were not able to complete their lifts due to injury or illness.  The following  lists are of those players who were able to finish at least 1 max lift.  Great job to all of the players who recorded a personal best!  Keep up the good work every one!  
First Last Bench
Myles Montgomery 300
Vinny Pippa 240
DaMario Watson 230
Finn Hayes 225
Aaron Cox 200
Isaac Evans 185
Joah Margulis 180
Elijah Ramey 175
Elisha Wismar 170
Malcolm Warren 170
First Last Clean
Myles Montgomery 260
Vinny Pippa 220
DaMario Watson 210
Sam Gander 195
Finn Hayes 190
Aaron Cox 190
Nagali Jackson 190
Joah Margulis 175
Elisha Wismar 175
Nico Cellini 175
First Last Squat
Vinny Pippa 380
DaMario Watson 380
Myles Montgomery 355
Aaron Cox 330
Rieger Sayre 325
Connor Dow 305
Austin Harris 295
Caleb Sutherland 290
Sam Gander 280
Finn Hayes 250

First Last Bench Clean Squat Combined
Myles Montgomery 300 260 355 915
Vinny Pippa 240 220 380 840
DaMario Watson 230 210 380 820
Aaron Cox 200 190 330 720

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